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“Load/Performance Testing – The Best Practice”

Performance – of the application becomes a great challenge for the software industry all over the world. Applications are being developed and deployed by In-house developers or by Out-sourced vendors but performance of applications are not up to the mark and users are not satisfied with it. For example, a user blames that a web page takes 3 seconds to be appeared on normal load but when the no. of user increases, the same page takes 7-8 seconds so, performance of the application degraded when the load is increased. This issue becomes more critical in banking applications when heavy financial transactions are being processed but the server is not responding due to heavy load or huge volume of data. This may be cause of degradation in response time, throughput etc and other performance related factors. Whether you design, build, test, maintain, or manage applications, you need to consider performance. If your software does not meet its performance objectives, your application is unlikely to be a success. If you do not know your performance objectives, it is unlikely that you will meet them.

Performance affects different roles in different ways:

  • As an architect, you need to balance performance and scalability with other quality-of-service (QoS) attributes such as manageability, interoperability, security, and maintainability.
  • As a developer, you need to know where to start, how to proceed, and when you have optimized your software enough.
  • As a tester, you need to validate whether the application supports expected workloads.
  • As an administrator, you need to know when an application no longer meets its service level agreements, and you need to be able to create effective growth plans.
  • As an organization, you need to know how to manage performance throughout the software life cycle, as well as lower total cost of ownership of the software that your organization creates.
  • In QA department, we have defined flow of performance testing according to the best practices and the discipline. From an organization’s perspective it is necessary their QA department takes care of every application regarding Performance Engineering activities!

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